1.Only abstracts written in English will be accepted.

2.The abstract itself must contain no more than 250 words.

3.CAPITALIZE the entire title and UNDERLINE the name of author who will present the paper. Abbreviations must not be used in the title. After the title, list the author’s names and institutional affiliations; OMIT degrees, titles, institutional appointments, address and zip code. The text should be typed using single spacing. Do not indent the title and each paragraph.

4.Abbreviations must be defined by placing them in parentheses after the full word the first time they appear. Use numerals to indicate numbers except when beginning sentences.

5.Nonproprietary (generic) names, written in lower-case letters, are required the first time a drug is mentioned. Proprietary names are always capitalized.

6.Abstract will appear exactly as submitted. Abstract with smudges, errors, misspellings, incorrect hyphenations, faint typing, etc. (or not conforming to the prescribed rules) will require retyping at the author’s expense

7.CHECK ONE KEY WORD in the abstract submission form, which best categorizes the subject of the abstract.

8.The abstract will be considered and publish on the congress book after the registration complete.

9. Deadline for submission is May 15 , 2017.

10. Please submit your abstract via the system and specify the type of abstract (oral/poster presentation).

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